Owners:  Michael & Karen Scott

Full-care stall available mid-July 2021
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Carumba enjoys a lazy afternoon.

We are a small, private 8-stall boarding facility on 5 acres in the Clifton/Fairfax Station area of Virginia.

We have a large, lighted arena with an adjoining round pen,and we are located near woodland trails including the Blue Trail to Fountainhead.

We have 40+ years experience caring for horses, and someone is on site, most of the time.

The monthly boarding fee includes a minimum 10 x 12 boxstall with fan, daily turnout, twice-a-day feeding, hay, bi-monthly worming, and blanketing when needed.

We will also feed supplements and vitamins that you provide, and when pre-arranged with us, we'll be there to help your vet or shoer.

Kolji & his human have a serious chat!
Our upper arena has partial shade most of the day.
The upper arena is the smaller of the 2 arenas, and has an adjacent round pen.

They both have a diamond-dust & sand base, so they are usable in all but the heaviest rain.

The upper arena is also lighted for evening work.

The lower arena is large and grassy.

This is a great field for jumps! 

Our lower arena is a quiet, peaceful place to work with your horse.
The barn, with a wash area in front.
Daisy says, "You DO have a carrot, right?"
Molly says, "Did you get my good side?"
Moose waits for his pedicure!
Star poses for her portrait!
Brad is relaxing in the sun.
Gizmo supervises Lexi and Roger.